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Toft Magazine: Dinosaurs

Toft Magazine: Dinosaurs

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This Special Edition of TOFT Quarterly magazine contains 15 crochet dinosaur patterns. Designed to be made in DK weight yarn, there are patterns to suit every age and ability alongside a guide to add the finishing touches to your project.

Inside this Special Edition you will find the crochet patterns to make the following:

  • Dippy the Diplodocus
  • Mary the Brontosaurus
  • Stanley the Stegosaurs 
  • Anne the Dilophosaurus
  • Anthony the Ankylosuarus
  • Gregor the T-Rex 
  • Rowena the Parasaurolophus
  • Vanessa the Plesiosaur
  • Daniel the Oviraptor
  • Catherine the Pterodactyl
  • Colin the Velociraptor
  • Sean the Spinosaurus
  • Jacqueline the Yutyrannus
  • Victoria the Triceratops 
  • Roger the Cruxicheiros
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