• Ella Austin

    Ella Austin is our Co-Manager. She's the main voice behind our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as many of our blog posts and newsletters. You'll find Ella in the shop on weekdays and occasional Saturdays. She's also a fab knitwear designer with two published books and many patterns on Ravelry. She's Bombella on Instagram.

  • Nattie Raybould

    Nattie Raybould is one of our newest team members. She loves to knit, crochet and sew, and particularly enjoys making garments and toys. She learned to knit as a child and picked it up again in earnest over lockdown. She’s passionate about creativity and how beneficial crafting and learning a new skill is for general wellbeing. She’ll be in the shop on various days throughout the week helping with customer service and looks forward to meeting you! 

  • Trudi Johnston

    Trudi Johnston is our Outreach Coordinator. She runs our Knit-Stop programme for adults and children and is involved in various other community initiatives throughout the year. Trudi loves to inspire others to knit and crochet because she knows it's a wonderful way to improve our well-being.

  • Debbie Judd

    Debbie Judd is our managing director. She's been around from the start and is a passionate knitter who dreams of learning to crochet someday. She also dabbles in dyeing yarn for the shop and loves a good walk in the woods.

  • Hannah Slajus

    We're happy to welcome Hannah Slajus to the team! She's currently a PhD student at the University of Exeter studying Medical History, but don't worry, she's also got a wealth of knitting and crochet experience to share with you! You'll see Hannah mostly on Saturdays in the shop

  • Gail Cheriton

    Gail Cheriton is our Inventory Coordinator. We wouldn't be able to function without her gentle guiding hand and extraordinary display skills! Gail's been knitting for as long as she can remember and particularly loves knitting for her granddaughter!