Welcome to Wool on the Exe!

Wool on the Exe is a community fibre arts space designed to provide local people with a place to learn, be creative, make new friends and connect to their community. The idea grew out of two successful projects we started and have been running for the last few years - Neighbourworks and The Knit-Stop.

Neighbourworks is a not for profit community interest company - a social enterprise that supports people who want to use their time and knitting talent to raise funds for local charities.  Wool on the Exe operates on the same principles, so even though we're a shop and we sell things, our 'profits' go back into the community. That's how we work. 

The Knit-Stop, our second project, was funded in 2014 by the Peoples Health Trust. We started up 12 knitting groups in central Exeter and held a big community project at the end resulting in 90 knitted and crocheted cushions on the benches of Exeter's High St. You can see a short video of the event here.

We learned a lot while developing and running both of these initiatives. One of the things we learned is that there is an abundance of beautiful British fibre right in our backyard. But most people don't have an opportunity to see, feel or use it because the makers are small and the yarn market is dominated by the bigger brands.

The other thing we learned is that people really love to come together to share with and support each other, learn new skills and expand their circle of friends. Many Neighbourworks knitters are older, widowed women and they appreciate the opportunity to come together and use their time and talent to benefit their community. And it's not just older people who are isolated. Our groups are made up of people of all ages and abilities and the common bond is a love of making and a desire to connect. 

So we thought it was time for Exeter to have a space that supports these things. A place where local people who are experts in knitting, crochet, spinning, felting, weaving and dyeing can share their skills in a space that is warm, welcoming and nourishing for the spirit. We will continue to support Neighbourworks groups and plant the seeds for more Knit-Stop groups in the community. We aim to have lots of opportunities for people to connect - through events, projects, and charity knitting initiatives. 

We also wanted to have a place where local fibre artists could sell their products. You will find beautiful wood bowls, hand-made bags, felted art, cushions, cards and beaded accessories in our shop. If you're a fibre artist and are interested in Wool on the Exe, please get in touch.

So that's our story so far. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for our newsletter and stay connected. We hope to see you soon!