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Sock 101

Sock 101

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In this workshop, you will learn how to knit a small sock from the top down. We will cover knitting in the round on double pointed needles, making a heel flap, forming the gusset and shaping the toe with a grafted finish. In every way, this little sock is exactly like a larger one - just smaller.

This is an advanced beginner workshop. You should be able to cast on, knit  and purl. Everything else will be taught on the day. 

All materials are provided however you may wish to bring your own 3.75mm (15 cm) double pointed needles if you have them. 

This workshop is led by Debbie Judd 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great fun!

This was really informative, and the pattern will be so adaptable for future sock projects.

I came away from the class with a lovely little micro-sock, and the inspiration to try a full size pair!

Elisabetta Renwick
Highly informative, very well organised, very friendly and supportive

On Friday 8 December 2023 I did the Sock 101 Workshop with Deb, and four other participants. It was a fantastic experience. The workshop was very well-organized (it started and ended on time, all materials were well organised and in place prior to starting), Deb was extremely knowledgeable and patient. While I've knitted socks before I wasn't ever totally happy with them. I learned how to overcome the laddering issue that had bugged me for years, and I learned the correct placement/distribution of stitches on the set of double-pointed needles that is central for getting a great end result. I appreciated the friendly, supportive environment, and the high quality written materials we were given to take home. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in learning to knit socks, or who knits socks but want to improve their end result. Thank you Deb for a wonderfully educational and enjoyable workshop.

Oh gosh, thank you Elisabetta!

I Knitted a Sock!

Really informative and easy to follow workshop. I'd knitted socks before but was never really happy with them - and I now understand why and, most important, what to do about it! I came away from this lovely course with a cute, perfectly formed, mini sock showing what I can do. Future socks have been totally successful!

A wonderful, well worth, bespoke tutorial

I really enjoyed this class, which was quite different from learning how to knit a sock from watching youtube videos. It's incredibly helpful to have someone right beside you, guiding you through the steps, all of which were detailed in the handout page. Should you veer wrong, you're shown how to correct your misled stitch, and to carry on. As a new knitter I didn't feel left behind, and I've come away with plenty of confidence that my next knitted sock will be 100xs better than my first. I now understand 'sock anatomy.' Thank you Debbie!

Thank you Evette! Your positive attitude and wonderful smile were gifts to our group!


I did this workshop yesterday and all I can say is that it was fabulous. Deb unravelled (!) the mysteries of sock making and I came away feeling very confident and so proud of my little grey sock. Now all I need to do is start a full size pair, in between finishing off the Aran cardigan and the vintage jumper...

Thank you Tracey! We can't wait to see your socks :-)