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Kremke Soul Wool

Reborn Jeans DK

Reborn Jeans DK

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Reborn Jeans yarn is made from recycled jeans and is unusually soft to the touch. The colour range is narrow and that is done on purpose: Kremke Soul Wool stuck to the original colours of the jeans and didn't apply another chemical process by bleaching it and dying in different colours. The polyester part of the yarn is made from recycled PET bottles. The raw material is sourced in India, where the yarn is spun by the same father-and-son owned company that produces Reborn Wool. 

  • 70% cotton, 25% polyester, 5% other fibers
  • 300m/100g
  • Needle: 4-5 mm (we suggest a 4.0mm)
  • Material Consumption for women's jumper size M: 500g
  • Machine washable 30C.  The knitted garment grows a little bit after washing. Please make sure to wash your swatch before measuring your gauge.
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