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Edward's Menagerie Dogs

Edward's Menagerie Dogs

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Edward's Menagerie: Dogs by Kerry Lord builds on the success of the Edward's Menagerie collection of animals and birds to bring beginner crochet projects to dog lovers everywhere. 

Whether you want a smiling sheepdog, a scruffy terrier, a snuffly French bulldog or a lovable Labrador, you can now make all your favourite dogs with this collection of 50 crochet patterns from Kerry Lord. 

Crochet every pup you know - from your parents' pug to your best friend's border collie, and your colleague's corgi to your gran's golden retriever. Each canine character has a tale to tell and, with all sorts of brilliant breeds on show, this book is perfect for both beginners and advanced crocheters. Complete with patterns, technical tuition, and advice on how to tweak the patterns to capture your own furry, four-legged friend in crochet form, Edward's Menagerie: Dogs has everything you need to create the perfect pet.

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