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Professional Finishing Techniques

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Wool on the Exe

Professional Finishing Techniques


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In this workshop we'll focus on tips and techniques for dealing with the two bugbears of knitters, beginners and experienced alike: sewing up your knitting and picking up stitches.

You will learn the easiest ways to sew your knitting seams, joining smoothly, evenly and quickly and you will be shown how to complete your knitted garments with perfectly picked up neck edges and button bands that don't pucker, gape or sag!

We will also look at tension and creating good edges : all the little things that can help you be confident in your knitting and help you achieve superior results. 

You will need to bring the following to the workshop:

  • Two stocking stitch squares worked with a DK weight yarn that measure 10 cm square. This is usually about 22 - 24 stitches and 28 - 30 rows
  • A pair of 4.0 mm needles 

This workshop is led by Jackie Millichap

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