Quick Guide to Joining Ravelry

Quick Guide to Joining Ravelry

Here at the shop we're all big fans of the website, Ravelry! We mostly use it to access the huge pattern database that provides our customers with much more choice than the paper pattern companies. We also use Ravelry to look up yarn details, to check out the latest handknit trends, and to keep in touch with members of our Ravelry group. 

If you're new to Ravelry it can seem daunting at first, but after playing around for a while you'll quickly get the hang of using it. Perhaps, like us, you'll be completely drawn in by all the creative potential that this site shares!

Making a Ravelry Account

Like many websites, Ravelry requires an account. This is quick, easy and secure. It does not require any payment.

1. Go to ravelry.com.

2. Click on 'Join Ravelry'.

3. Request a sign up link.

4. Go to your email account and follow the sign up link in the email from Ravelry.

5. Choose a username and password for your Ravelry account.

6. Now you can watch a video tour, access some guides and explore the website!

Join the Wool on the Exe Ravelry Group

1. At the top of the page click on the tab labelled 'groups'.

2. Search for 'Wool on the Exe'.

3. Click on the group title.

4. Click on 'join this group'. It will ask if you would like to select a tab to organise your groups, but this is optional, you can simply click away.

You have now joined our Ravelry group!

Finding the Zick Zack Scarf Pattern

Ravelry has a huge database of knitting and crochet patterns. Some entries contain details of patterns that you cannot buy online, some are patterns that you can buy directly from Ravelry, some link to other websites and some are free patterns. Zick Zack Scarf is a free knitting pattern that can be downloaded directly from Ravelry.

1. At the top of the page click on the tab labelled 'patterns'.

2. Search for 'Zick Zack Scarf'.

3. Click on the pattern.

4. You can now view all of the pattern details and download the pattern from this page. You may like to explore the projects section to see photos that other knitters have uploaded of their own Zick Zack scarf projects.

Adding Your Own Zick Zack Scarf Project

There are many ways to add projects but this is a quick way to do it straight from the Zick Zack Scarf pattern page. You don't need to upload photos at this stage, or even to know what yarn you are using yet, you can add these details whenever you are ready.

1. Click on 'cast on project'.

2. Click on 'edit project'.

3. Enter any details that you would like to share.

4. You can add photos in a variety of ways. Many of them require use of a different platform, such as Instagram, or you can pay a small annual fee to upload photos directly. 


 5. Click on share with groups and select 'Wool on the Exe'.

6. To find your project later click on 'my notebook'.

As you follow these steps you will see lots of other parts of the website to explore and different ways of using it. The more you click about on different parts, the more you will uncover what a great resource this website is. Ravelry has been hugely inspiring for knitting and crochet world. We hope that this encourages you to give it a try!

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