Stripy Blanket Crochet-a-long

One of life’s absolute pleasure's is a handmade blanket, both to give and receive. Our Crochet-A-Long stripey blankets are full of colour and style and are such a wonderful gift for family, friends and those in need.

We have three easy and fun patterns: the classic Granny Stripe, the Chevron and the Wave. You can use any weight yarn that you like, as many colours as you like and it’s a great way to use up your stash! Just follow the stitch count
for each pattern to make any size blanket, large or small. Which will you choose?

Joining the Crochet-a-long!

Our Crochet-a-long starts on Friday 7th October! You're welcome to join in at any time after this. The patterns are available below, or from the shop, and you can use whatever yarn you like!

We'd love to see your progress in our dedicated Facebook CAL group or on Instagram #CALWithSamLinney. We can all help each other along by asking any questions in the Facebook group. Alternatively you are welcome to to stop by the shop, or contact us in any of the usual ways for advice. Sam is in the shop on Fridays and she is our crochet expert! 

Suggested hook sizes
4ply – 3/3.5 mm
DK – 4/4.5mm
Aran – 5/5.5mm

Yarn Suggestions
4ply: WYS Signature, Sirdar Country Classic
DK: Stylecraft Recreate, WYS ColourLab, Stylecraft Batik Swirl,
Aran: Sirdar Country Classic Worsted, Kremke Reborn, WYS The Croft, Sirdar Jewelspun

Tension is not vitally important. If you are a relaxed crocheter, the above suggestions for hook size should suit you well. If you know that your tension is tight you can use a larger hook than recommended. Conversely, if you are very loose, just use a slightly smaller hook. The most important thing is to get a nice drape, so the fabric is not too dense. The amount of yarn you will need depends, obviously, on the size of the blanket you want to make. The stitch count for each style of blanket will dictate the number of beginning chains you will need to make. The following are approximate suggestions for making a 100 x 100 cm blanket, but don’t be afraid of just chaining to the width you want
and adding or subtracting a few to get the right stitch count and going from there! If you are adding a border, you’ll need more than the amount

For an approximate 100 x 100 cm blanket

Yarn Weight Granny Chevron Wave
4ply 450g / Beg ch 152  450g / Beg ch 223   500g / Beg ch 181
DK  500g / Beg ch 137 500g / Beg ch 179 550g / Beg ch 161
Aran  550g / Beg ch 110 550g / Beg ch 135 600g - Beg ch 121 


Ch = chain
Dc = double crochet
Htr = half treble
Tr = treble
St/Sts = stitch/stitches
Tc = turning chain

Special Stitches
C2tr = cross two triples over two stitches as follows: miss st, triple into
next, triple into missed stitch across front of previous triple.

Granny Stripe (multiples of 3 sts + 2)

Change colour every row or after every 2 rows.

Foundation row: dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc into each ch to end. Turn.
Row 1. 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr into same st, [miss 2 sts, 3tr into next st] to last 3 sts, miss 2 sts, 2tr into last st. Turn.
Row 2. 3ch (counts as 1tr), [3tr into next space between tr groups] to end, 1tr into top of last 3ch st. Turn.
Row 3. 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr into same st, [3tr into next space between tr
groups] to end, 2tr into last st. Turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 to desired length.

Chevron (multiples of 11 sts + 3)

Change colour after every 4 rows. Htr into top 2 loops of stitch only.

Foundation row: 1htr into 3rd ch from hook (counts as 2htr), [1htr into next 4ch, miss 2ch, 1htr into next 4ch, 3htr into next ch] ending with 2htr into last st. Turn.
Row 1. 2ch (counts as 1htr), 1htr in same st, [1htr in next 4 sts, miss 2 sts, 1htr in next 4sts, 3htr in next st] ending with 2htr into last st. Turn.

Repeat row 1 to desired length.

Wave (multiples of 20sts + 1 for base chain)

Change colour after every 2 rows

Row 1. dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc in each st to end. Turn.
Row 2. 1ch, dc into 1st and every st to end. Turn.
Row 3. 3ch (counts as 1tr), 2c2tr over next 4 sts, dc in next 10 sts, [5c2tr over next 10 sts, dc in next 10 sts] to last 5 sts, 2c2tr over next 4 sts, 1tr in last st. Turn.
Row 4. Repeat row 3.
Row 5 and 6. Repeat row 2.
Row 7. 1ch, dc into 1st and next 4 sts, 5c2tr over next 10 sts, [dc in next 10 sts, 5c2tr over next 10 sts] to last 5 sts, dc in last 5 sts. Turn.
Row 8. Repeat row 7.
Row 9 and 10. Repeat row 2.
Repeat rows 3 – 10 to desired length.


Sew ends in and wash and block to size.