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Festival of St Thomas Floral Yarn Bombing

Since 2019 Theatre Alibi have been talking to the people of St Thomas and recording their stories of living in the area. For the big finale to this project they are hosting a vibrant community festival, creating a celebration of this special part of the city and bringing the stories to life. The Festival of St Thomas Stories will take place on 8th-10th July at various sites throughout St Thomas.

Wool on the Exe is working with Theatre Alibi to create a floral display representing the story of Gerald Sclater, whose Grandfather used to own Pinces Gardens. Pinces Gardens was the first established nursery in Exeter and is home to a historic wisteria feature, providing a beautiful space for the community.

Our floral display will take the form of a large-scale yarn bombing! Knitted and crocheted flowers will be used to decorate the public places of St Thomas during the festival; columns, trees, fences and more!


Afterwards the flowers will be joined together to make a wall hanging that will be donated to Age UK.

Wool on the Exe is inviting everyone to join the fun in knitting or crocheting flowers for the display!

Anyone is welcome to join in and make a flower, wherever you live! With your help we hope to make this cheerful display as big as possible, covering railings, lamp posts, and more with bright woolly flowers! 

How you can help:

  • Donate knitted or crocheted flowers - you can use your own yarn and patterns, or pick up some patterns and a free yarn pack from the shop. Please return any finished flowers to us by 14th May.
  • Donate i-cord and lengths of finger-knitting - especially in green colours if possible - we will use these to attach the flowers and make garlands. Please bring bring them to the shop by 14th May. Any lengths of i-cord would be brilliant. The longer pillars will need about 240 inch or 600 cm and the slimmer sign posts will need about 80 inch or 200 cm. However we can join shorter lengths together to make up a longer cord.
  • Help us to assemble flower garlands. Between 15th May to 19th July we would appreciate any help with assembling the flower garlands and getting them ready for display. Please contact us using this form if you might be able to help with this.
  • Later on we will need help with putting up and taking down the display. On Sunday 26th June we will be putting the display up around St Thomas and after 11th July we will be taking it down. If you could help please contact us using this form.

Making the flowers

You can make the flowers using any yarn and any pattern! You can collect a free yarn pack from Wool on the Exe. You can download some suggested patterns for knitting or crocheting flowers here:

Knitted flower patterns

Crochet flower patterns

All finished flowers and donated materials need to be returned to Wool on the Exe by 14th May ready for the next stage of the yarn bombing creation! 

We can't wait to share how this project grows!