What to Expect at a Wool on the Exe Workshop

What to Expect at a Wool on the Exe Workshop

Learning from others and being inspired to try something new is such an important part of our mission. At Wool on the Exe we hold a range of workshops in fibre arts including crochet, knitting, felting, spinning, yarn dyeing and embroidery, as well as others.
Our workshops are designed to be a place where you can relax, learn, and have fun! We keep them small, with only five participants or less, so that everyone can get individual attention if needed. Our workshop leaders are all very good at what they do and most importantly, they really enjoy sharing their time and talent with others. 

What Happens at a Workshop

All of our workshops are held in our shop. When you arrive we'll welcome you in, and offer to take any coats to hang them up. The workshops are held at a large table in the back of the shop. When you're ready you can take a seat and the workshop leader will guide you through learning a new skill.
About midway through there is a short break for teas and coffee, served with yummy cookies!
Towards the end of the workshop Debbie or Ella will usually ask if they can take photos to share on our social media. We do love showing everyone what's happening instore!
However we also understand that not everyone likes having their photos taken, so we'll always be sensitive to what you're comfortable with. Lots of the time we can take pictures of just the hands at work, or the finished makes on their own.
At all times throughout the workshop we will be endeavouring to make the experience as lovely as possible for you! 
When the workshop is complete there's usually time to have a browse around the shop. We often find that our participants are feeling wonderfully relaxed and inspired at this stage!

Feedback from our Customers

You can get more of a feel of the workshop environment by exploring the reviews on our website. For example, Kim said:
"Can't recommend this course highly enough. I signed up because I had some basic knowledge but felt I was doing it all 'cack-handed'. The important thing I learnt was that each person finds their own way. Verity is a very patient teacher and encourages you to go at your own speed. The atmosphere in the shop is calming with some lovely music playing in the background...all conducive to learning! They also sell lots of lovely yarn to give you inspiration and all the hooks you need. If you are thinking of learning to crochet, I would say go for it! The cookies are delicious too."
And Eve said;
"I really enjoyed this class, which was quite different from learning how to knit a sock from watching youtube videos. It's incredibly helpful to have someone right beside you, guiding you through the steps, all of which were detailed in the handout page. Should you veer wrong, you're shown how to correct your misled stitch, and to carry on. As a new knitter I didn't feel left behind, and I've come away with plenty of confidence that my next knitted sock will be 100xs better than my first. I now understand 'sock anatomy.' Thank you Debbie!"
A big thank you to everyone who leaves feedback and reviews on our website and anywhere online; we always very much appreciate it! 

Keeping safe with Covid

Right now, in order to keep everyone safe, you must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 to participate in our workshops. This is because attendees will be sitting next to someone and directly across from others. The wearing of masks will be optional, and we will have an air purifier running near the table. 

We can't wait to welcome you to a workshop soon!

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us
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Hi I have brought a spinning wheel and want to learn to spin . I’m coming to Exeter to visit my son Have you any courses I could book to learn?

Sandy Gee

Hi, I was hoping that there might be some ‘fix your stitch’ slots on Mondays in January – are you able to let me know if that’s likely? Many thanks :)

steph knight

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