Verity Treloar – Artist and crochet teacher

Verity Treloar – Artist and crochet teacher

Wool on the Exe is a yarn shop with a difference. We love wool very much indeed, but even more than that we love people! We’d like to introduce you to some of the wonderful people who add so much value to our community.

Verity Treloar – Artist and crochet teacher

Verity has taught crochet workshops at Wool on the Exe for over 2 years. Her popular classes cover a range of techniques and receive fantastic feedback with participants often returning to learn more. The emphasis is on relaxing and enjoying the craft, learning at your own pace in a supportive environment.

Verity tells us; “The workshops at Wool on the Exe are designed to introduce the craft of crochet and provide opportunities to develop skills through easily accessible projects. Emphasis is on learning through making rather than following complex patterns.”

Verity has a background in education but decided, three years ago, to become a full-time student studying for a degree in Fine Art, and is presently studying for her master's degree. She says her passion for art and craft has always run alongside her career and she now enjoys working with a range of materials from photography to ceramics.

Like many women who practice fibre arts, Verity was inspired to crochet by her grandmothers who were both keen on crochet and knitting. Her interest started with a desire to make useful objects and she began to design her own bags, being drawn to the versatility of the stiches and colour combinations that could be achieved. As well as enjoying the creative satisfaction of designing, Verity also appreciates the relaxing benefits of crochet.

“Crochet helps me to relax and the rhythm of the stitch seems to fit well with Radio 4!”

Teaching at Wool on the Exe allows Verity to share her enthusiasm for crochet. We love seeing workshop participants develop confidence in the craft. She is a natural teacher with a calm and patient manner that brings the best out of everyone who attends her workshops.

“I miss full-time teaching and it’s a real joy to have the opportunity to spend time at Wool on the Exe supporting others in their crochet journey.
Wool on the Exe is a welcoming space full of colour and care. I have had the privilege of meeting and teaching a wonderful group of people. It is a joy to see them develop and grow in their expertise and passion for the craft of crochet. “

You can find out more about Verity’s workshops on the crochet workshops section of our website. For people who are new to crochet we offer a two part Learn to Crochet course designed to teach the basics, allow participants time to practice, and then to return and build on those skills. In addition, Verity offers a range of further crochet courses that develop skills and explore the potential of crochet.

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