The Community Tree Project

The Community Tree Project

No matter how you look at it, this year has been tough. Going into Autumn it’s hard not to feel concerned about what lies ahead, and we are missing our community more than ever! 

At Wool on the Exe ‘community’ is our reason for being. As a social enterprise we strive to bring people together, to learn new skills, make new friends and share our craft, but most importantly, just to bring people together! We’ve missed this terribly as we’ve had to cancel our workshops, groups and events. It’s wonderful that the shop is open, but it’s not quite the same without being able to offer tea, hugs, or our helpful hands when a stitch is dropped. 

However, we know it’s important to rise to the challenge of connecting through this time. It feels more important than ever to safely engage and act to combat the feelings of isolation and disconnection that are so prevalent right now. To that end, we invite you to join us in a display of friendship and solidarity by taking part in our Community Tree project.

The Community Tree is our way of building a symbol of hope, connectedness and teamwork. It will be crafted from knit and crochet squares submitted by anyone who would like to join in. The tree will be displayed in our shop window through winter. Afterwards we will unpick and rejoin the squares to make blankets that will be donated to the mother and baby unit at the R D & E.

To make the project cohesive and accessible we will provide packs with the yarn and patterns to make the squares. You can pick up packs from the shop or let us know if you need to have one sent out. All you need is 4.0 mm needles for knitting or a 4.0 mm hook for crochet. The patterns are incredibly simple and we can provide links to tutorials if required. Absolute beginners are encouraged to join in, anyone can do it! 

Also included in your pack will be a star-shaped cardboard tag. You can use this tag to write a wish, a hope, a dedication, a message, a short poem, or anything you would like to share. This is optional and can be anonymous if you prefer. You are also welcome to decorate your star if you would like to. When you submit your finished squares please attach the star using yarn from your pack.  We will need to receive all squares by 1st November to add them to the tree.

Please let us know if we can help with anything and please feel free to share this with anyone who might like to participate. Everyone is welcome to join us in this project! We all know the benefits of knitting and crochet, this could be an ideal chance for you to get your friends and family to learn too!

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Hi, I would love to join in the Community Tree project but do not have a car and do not trust public transport so am unable to collect a wool pack from your shop as it is too far for me to walk. Would you be able to send me one please? If you are able to do this please let me know and I will supply my address.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards


Isla Morgan

Hi, please could you send me a pattern for the squares. Many thanks.

Julie Carey

Please may I have a wool pack? I don’t live in Exeter but would love to take part after hearing your talk on Radio Devon.

Suzanne Madge

Please may I have a wool pack? I don’t live in Exeter but would love to take part after hearing your talk on Radio Devon.

Suzanne Madge

Hi there,

I have sent used this method to send you a previous message last week but I do not know if you received it.

I am a French knitter whose partner is from Torquay. He has moved to France to join me. His beloved England seems ever so far away at the moment as he cannot go and visit any of his family. We are starting to talk about the end of year celebrities and it looks like he will have to give it a miss this year, at least, in England.

I saw your project in your last newsletter and I immediately thought I could be part of it. That way, it would be as if a little bit of a link between him and Devon would be created.

Do you think it would be possible to send me a pack (in France) for me to get involved?

I am looking forward to reading you,

Take good care of you and your relatives,


Aline Barthel

Aline Barthel

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