Showing off the Sweaters!

Showing off the Sweaters!

Wow! The sweaters we have seen over the last month are truly awesome. We’ve seen such a range too, sweaters for everyone, showcasing pretty much every technique!

Here we have a selection of colourwork beauties featuring stripes, stranded knitting, duplicate stitch, embroidery, and slipped stitches.

Here are some sumptuous cables looking cosy and classy!

Here are some lovely lace sweaters; some summery and short-sleeved and others providing a light but cosy layer.

These are some classic sweaters showing the joy of texture. Some are all-over stocking stitch and others have details provided by a panel of garter stitch, or by using slipped or twisted stitches.

And here is a whole pile of stunning knits that look as though they include something from every category! Gemma, who knit all eleven of them, said;

‘I couldn't choose just one! Each one tells a story. From the one that got me knitting in the first place, to the one knitted with Icelandic wool bought whilst on honeymoon, to the two made from a fleece I was given.’
It’s been wonderful admiring the skill of these knits and also to hear the meaning and value of them to the makers and the recipients.
Alison made her great nephew the lovely little jumper with the bicycle on the front because his dad is a mountain bike champion and has won the yellow jersey twice.

Laura shared photos of five sweaters that she had made for her parents. She told us;

'My Dad is so generous and kind but never asks for anything in return.  Mum is usually the one I knit for, but one day he asked if I would make him a jumper.  Would I?? You bet!  He has now discovered the thrill of showing off my creations at the golf club.  His friends say 'Is that one from Laura?'. To which Dad says yes 'Would she make me one?', to which the reply is a firm 'No'.  I have told him that only he is worthy and as they live in the Midlands I get to use beautiful yarns too heavy for my home location of Cornwall.  He has recently had a clearout of old purchased knits to make space ......'

You can see her dad looking very smart in the cabled knits Laura has made him! We think he could be a professional knitwear model!

Rachel sent us photos of three jumpers that she has made, and you really wouldn’t know that she only got into knitting last year! The Totoro cardigan pictured in the colourwork section was a self-designed motif using the Tin Can Strange Brew design as a base. Very impressive!

Also impressive is Alison’s first jumper. She said;

‘This is the first jumper I have knitted, prior to that it was just hats. I'm amazed that I chose this as my first project and that I completed it.’

You can see her mustard coloured jumper at the bottom and in the middle in the cables section. That’s a lot of detail and it looks so perfectly made.

We’re feeling so inspired! Thank you to everyone who joined in and shared their wonderful makes. They are all absolutely stunning! I’m sure you can see how the only to pick a prize winner is by randomly selecting one!

The winner this time is:

Rachel Bolt!

Congratulations, Rachel, we hope that you enjoy your new book

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What a beautiful collection of jumpers, they all look amazing and it’s lovely to hear to story behind some of them! And oh my gosh, how exciting! Thank you so much – I didn’t expect to win at all so seeing my name there was such a surprise! (I may have squeed out loud ;) )


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