Meet Lizzie Pettet-Smith of Daisy Chain Makes

Meet Lizzie Pettet-Smith of Daisy Chain Makes

We're over the moon excited to host Lizzie this month on our blog. She's super talented and extraordinarily lovely! We hope you enjoy this interview and if you're hankering to improve your crochet skills, check out the workshops she's leading over the next few months :-)

Please could you introduce yourself, telling us a little about your background?
Hello! I’m Lizzie, a colourful crocheter and the maker behind Daisy Chain Makes. I've always been creative in one way or another, and love discovering new crafts and creative passions. I was once an avid sewer and hand embroiderer, but moved on to fibre arts and quickly fell in love with knitting and crocheting. I decided to share my handmade products with the world and Daisy Chain Makes was born, originally with a range of craft products available.

I learnt to crochet 7 years ago and have never looked back! Crochet became my sole craft, my art therapy and my passion for all things happy and colourful was discovered. I love creating rainbows, floral pieces, jewellery, sunshines and all things joyful.

As someone with chronic illnesses, I’m a firm believer in using crochet/art therapy to maintain a positive outlook on living with life-long health conditions and love nothing more than a relaxing day working on a new project.

Do you lean towards one particular craft, or do you practice many?
Although I do enjoy sewing, knitting, beading and more… crochet stole my heart and is my go-to creative practice.

What led you to these crafts? How did you learn?
I am originally a knitter, but due to extensive elbow surgery, I have struggled with my dexterity and ability to knit any faster than a snail's pace (not so fun teehee!). Fortunately, I had undertaken a one-off basic ‘learn to crochet’ workshop just before the surgery, and had already fallen in love! Part of my physio exercises included crochet techniques and hand movements, as it became apparent that was the stronger of the two crafts ability-wise. Other than the one-off workshop, I am a self-taught crocheter and have spent years honing my skills and experimenting with new ideas and designs.

What are your favourite aspects of these crafts? E.g. are you drawn to colour/texture?
I love how you can form shapes and work with a multitude of colours when designing a new crochet piece. I’m drawn to all the colours of the rainbow! I love exploring colour work, and discovering new yarn collections and my eyes are drawn to any yarn that comes in alllll the rainbowy colours you can ask for! I tend to spend my time in WOTE eyeing up collections of wool that would work for colourful crochet items.

I enjoy how versatile crochet is, especially since finding a passion for amigurumi decorations. One of my favourite aspects of crocheting is the ability to create something 3D with ease. It’s this knowledge I hope to pass on in my crochet workshops.

Is there something else that you particularly enjoy and benefit from by practicing your art/craft, such as any health and wellbeing benefits.

Crocheting is an important part of my day-to-day life and mental wellbeing. I find that being able to lose myself in a new project is a wonderful distraction from reality. My creativity has always been a way to manage the difficult impact that living with chronic illnesses can have, so crocheting really brings those joyful moments to my day. It helps me maintain a positive outlook on life, and I love nothing more than sharing my creations with everyone.

Where do you make your craft, do you have a dedicated studio/workspace?
My living room is my workspace! As someone who lives with health conditions, finding a comfortable position and cosy space is vital to my ability to crochet. I do enjoy crocheting on the go from time to time but generally spend my crafting days on the sofa surrounded by all the colours of the rainbow.

Do you sell your art/ handmade items, if so, please could you tell us a little about them?
Yes, I do! I love selling my crochet decorations, and have built up a wonderfully supportive community on both Instagram and Facebook. I mostly make my products to order and very much enjoy taking on the odd commission to bring my customers' ideas to life. I post happy mail to customers across the UK and internationally, often filming videos to share the process of packing up items when ready to ship. Most of my items are hanging decorations, small pieces which are ideal as letterbox gifts, as well as a collection of crochet earrings and keyrings.

Do you teach workshops at Wool on the Exe and, if so, please could you tell us a little about them?
I am very excited to be running my first workshop at WOTE next month! I’ll be sharing my insider knowledge and skills of how to make my ever-popular crochet rainbow. Made using beautiful Anchor cotton yarn, I’ll be sharing my pattern and teaching attendees how to crochet a rainbow, as well as tips on how to add all the finishing touches.

What does it mean to you to be able teach at, or sell your arts/crafts at, Wool on the Exe?

I'm looking forward to branching out into teaching workshops and the new journey that it’ll take me on. Since the pandemic, I haven’t been able to exhibit at craft markets, which I’ve missed, so my aim is to connect with fellow makers and share my
passion for crocheting once again. It really means a lot to be given this opportunity, and feels like the perfect positive step for 2023!

Do you have any future plans that you would like to share?

This year is going to be quite the move forward for my creative business, with plans to return to craft markets, launch my very own website, develop new crochet products to share and of course, to top all of that off, run new workshops at WOTE! Last year I published my first crochet pattern, which had been a goal of mine for such a long time. I’m excited to develop and publish more patterns this year, and I already have a couple in the works.

If you’d like to connect via Instagram or Facebook, please pop over to or

Also, keep an eye out for my shiny new website (coming soon) at!

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