Holiday Gifting - What do you like to make?

Holiday Gifting - What do you like to make?

At about this time last year, all the team at Wool on the Exe were starting to think about festive gift making because, as crafters, we do have to think quite far in advance to make gifts for the holiday season! So we pooled our ideas on gift knitting and crochet patterns and put together a Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for our website. This was a great success linking some of our favourite quick patterns with yarns that we thought would suit them, helping our customers to easily plan their own gift knitting.

This year we would like to hear from you, our members and customers, about your favourite makes and why they're the perfect gift! If we select your entry, you'll be entered into our drawing for a £20 gift voucher!

To be included in our Gift Guide we ask you to suggest a pattern that meets the following criteria:

  • You have previously made the design.
  • The pattern is available to purchase on Ravelry.
  • It can realistically be completed within a relatively tight time frame!

It can be a knit or crochet pattern and made in any weight of yarn. Please tell us a little about the pattern and why you recommend it by Monday 14th October. You can do this via email, Facebook, Instagram, Ravelry, or pop into the shop to tell us! 

We will choose 15 projects to include in our Gift Guide and match them up with yarn ideas. If your suggestion is included in the gift guide we will enter your details into a prize draw to win a £20 Wool on the Exe gift voucher! 

As always, we love hearing about about your inspiration and stories so please feel free to join the conversation even if you don't have a particular pattern to suggest. What do you make, who for and why, we'd love to know! 

Here are some of the Wool on the Exe team at our Christmas tea last year!

From left to right, Trudi, Gail, Sam, Debbie and Ella at the Hidden Treasure Tea Room, Fore Street, Exeter.

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