All the beautiful Shawls!

All the beautiful Shawls!

Our photo challenge was quite a challenge this time! I'm sure that many of us have a shawl or two (or three or four!) but getting a photo of them can be surprisingly difficult. They tend to be long, and drapey, often with intricate detail that can’t always be captured easily. Part of the fun of this challenge was seeing the wonderful ways in which people presented their shawls for the camera. Some were spread out on washing lines, blocking mats, benches, chairs, and bushes.

We saw shawls displayed on coat hangers and dressmaking mannequins. Or folded and stacked in an impressive pile.

One shawl was hung out between buildings, and others were held out by people or wrapped around them, cosy!

However they were displayed, all of these shawls are absolutely stunning, each one a unique work of art that would surely look even more impressive in real life!

It's been a real pleasure seeing everyone's shawls and an honour to hear some of the stories behind them. Thank you so much to everyone who took part, we hope you've enjoyed it too.

One randomly chosen winner will now get the chance to choose their prize of any handdyed yarn that we have in stock! This time the winner is: E Stratton! Congratulations!

Thank you again to everyone who joined in. Your shawls are beautiful.

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