Friendship Star Patchwork Blanket Crochet-a-long (CAL) with Sam Linney

We are thrilled to share Sam's latest creation with you in the form of a CAL! 

 This project is inspired by the Pioneer Quilts of North America. Sam's chosen a design based around the ‘Friendship’ square, which can be completed by one person or a group. The squares can be individually made and then sewn or crocheted together, or you can join them as you go along. 

Sam has crocheted her squares using the Tunisian method as she really likes the crisp colour effect and the woven texture it gives. She recommends trying the ‘join as you go’ method (JAYGO) and has made a video for our YouTube channel that shows you just how to do it!  If Tunisian crochet isn’t your thing, you can do double or half treble stitch crochet squares instead. 

Sam's pattern is very detailed with helpful suggestions for selecting colours and design ideas. The blanket is made up of 144 squares, with colour changes and rotation to produce the ‘Friendship’ design. The squares are plain or ‘triangle’ squares, or if you feel a bit fancy you can do different colours within the plain squares! You can use as few as 3 or up to 8 colours.

You can use any weight yarn for this project and  Sam has calculated approximate quantities in the pattern instructions. The pattern also has detailed instructions for working the Tunisian crochet simple stitch if you've not tried it before.

Our CAL starts on 31 January! We'll be sharing your progress and answering any questions on our Facebook CAL page as well as on Instagram. Please use the hashtag #FriendshipCAL when posting :-) 

Sam's pattern is free with a yarn purchase at Wool on the Exe, or just £3 here if you're using up stash yarn for this project. 

We hope you're inspired to pick up a crochet hook and have a poke through your stash (if you have any left!) and see what you can make!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. Email is best, or give us a ring during our normal opening hours at 01392 669015.