Ken Clark - Woodturner

Ken Clark - Woodturner

At Wool on the Exe we sell work by talented local artists and crafters, making the shop such an inspiring place to visit. 

Ken Clark is the wood turner who makes a range of products that we sell at Wool on the Exe, including his extremely popular wooden yarn bowls. We'd like to share more about his story; how he came to his craft and what he enjoys about it.

Kenneth Clark - Wood turner 

Ken was a builder by trade until 1994 when he collapsed at work and was taken to hospital. He was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. After a year’s recovery, Ken went to St Lloyds Collage Exeter to take part in a disability retraining scheme.

Ken tells us; "I tried woodturning which l enjoyed but due to black outs l was unable to continue. In 1996 a very dear friend brought me a lathe to try and cheer me up. I started woodturning again."

After another long illness in 2010 it took Ken a few years to return to woodturning. Woodturning has now become an important way for Ken to help manage his health

"I suffer with depression and to be able to do woodturning stops me getting down. I get great enjoyment out of creating designs and completing a project."


Ken’s wife, Pat, is a crafter and between them they like to come up with new ideas for projects. They then travel to different wood yards to find materials.

"I like the feel of wood. There are so many different types of wood. I like to add colour to things l make too."

Ken has a dedicated workshop at the bottom of his garden to house the different machinery he uses in his woodwork. We have a video of Ken in his workshop, showing us the making of a wooden yarn bowl.

As well as his yarn bowls we also stock Ken’s handmade yarn holders, crochet hook stands, and pin cushions. We love having a range of beautifully made natural wooden items to offer our customers and it means a lot to Ken too.

"To sell my bowls and stands at Wool on the Exe makes me feel happy. I appreciate that people like my bowls and stands. It is a good for me and good for my confidence."

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