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Opal Rainforest 18 4 ply


Opal Rainforest 18 4 ply


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Rainforest is back for the 18th year and we are excited about the eight animals that have been picked this year! Opal use this range to donate 10% of profits to the rainforest, which helps:

  • Stop the destruction of rainforest by companies and governments.
  • Preserve natural habits of human, animals and plants in the rainforests.
  • Promote respect for human and land rights for indigenous people.
  • Helping the victims (human and animal) of environmental destruction, hunting and expulsion.
  • Strengthening civil society in rainforest regions to fight injustice and environmental degradation.
  • Working with scientists to protect and research rainforests.
  • Educating politicians and consumers about environmentally damaging consumer behaviours.

Currently, Opal has managed to raise 268.000 Euros for this cause.

  • 100 gram ball
  • Approximately 425 metres
  • 75% Virgin Wool (Superwash)
  • 25% polyamide
  • Machine wash at 40 degrees, lay flat to dry

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