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All you need to know to knit a sweater that fits-with Anniken Allis

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All you need to know to knit a sweater that fits-with Anniken Allis


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In this class we'll discuss what to consider when altering garments and how to achieve a perfect fit. You will work through practical examples of how to alter garments, how to measure correctly, and how to work out the maths for a sweater to fit you.

This will be a practical hands on workshop and will include maths (it'll be easy if you use a calculator). We'll also look at how to knit a useful swatch and how to measure gauge/tension correctly.

Please bring: a ball of yarn(s) you'd like to use for a sweater, suitable needles for your project, a note book, pen, pencil, eraser, calculator and tape measure. You'll get the most from the class if you've knitted a swatch ahead of the class so we can use it to measure gauge/tension.

Skills needed: how to read & knit a basic sweater pattern, knit, purl, cast on and cast off, basic maths skills or be able to use a calculator.

This workshop is led by designer/author Anniken Allis

You may bring your lunch with you or we can suggest a few local places if you would like to go out at the lunch break. Tea/coffee/biscuits will be provided :-)

Photo: Hollow Oak Pullover by Melissa Leapman

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