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Learn how to knit Continental style

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Wool on the Exe

Learn how to knit Continental style


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Many people find the Continental style of knitting faster because the working yarn is passed over the needle with the left hand rather than 'thrown' by the right. Because there is less movement the knit and purl stitches are easier to work and tension is better controlled. Of course, if you've knit in the traditional way for a long time, it will feel awkward at first, but learning this way of knitting can be a benefit if you find knitting painful or would like to speed up your work.

To be successful in this workshop you don’t need to be an accomplished knitter; some will find it easier to learn how to knit in this style from scratch – rather than having to relearn their style.  Bea retaught herself to knit this way a few years ago and now rarely uses any other technique.

All materials included.

This workshop is led by Bea Gare

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