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International Women's Day Make-Along with FearLess

International Women's Day Make-Along with FearLess

To celebrate International Women's Day we're partnering with FearLess and hosting a Blanket Make-Along! Everyone is welcome to join us by knitting or crocheting a 20cm square that will be joined to make blankets. The finished blankets will be given to FearLess and used as part of arrival packages given to clients when they have to find new accommodation.

The Make-Along starts on International Women's Day, Wednesday 8th March and will run until the end of March. You can drop any finished squares into the shop until mid April. On Wednesday 26th April we will be joining the squares all day in the shop - you are welcome to join us! 


Blanket Squares


Each square should measure 20cm (8 inches)


You can use any washable yarn that you like in any colour or thickness! If you don't have any suitable yarn we have some in the shop that you are welcome to collect for free.


Use a hook or needle size that is close to the recommended size for your chosen yarn, e.g. 4mm for DK yarn, 5mm for aran thickness. 


Crocheted Granny Square Pattern

Foundation ring: 4ch, join with a ss to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch 3 (this will count as your first Tr) working into the middle of the circle: 2 Tr, Ch2, 3Tr, Ch 2, 3Tr, Ch 2, 3Tr, Ch 2. Insert hook into third chain from the centre and SS, turn.

Round 2: Ch 3, 2Tr into next chain space (corner) Ch3, 3Tr (into same corner) Ch2, 3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr (into same corner), Ch2, 3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr (into same corner), Ch2, 3Tr, Ch3, 2Tr, insert hook into third chain and SS, turn.

Round 3: Ch3, 2Tr into chain space, Ch2, 3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr (into same corner), Ch2, 3Tr, Ch2, 3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr(into same corner), Ch2, 3Tr, Ch2, 3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr,(into same corner) Ch2, 3Tr, Ch2, 3Tr, Ch3, 3Tr (into same corner), Ch2, insert yarn into third chain from hook and SS, turn.

Continue adding rounds until the square measures as close to 20cm as possible.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.


Knitted Corner-to-corner Square Pattern

Cast on 1 stitch
Row 1: Kfb.
2 stitches
Row 2: K1, Kfb.
3 stitches
Row 3: K1, Kfb, K to end.
Repeat row 3 until the sides of the knitting measure 20cm (8 inches) from the cast on point to the edge stitches on the needle.
Begin decreasing
Next row: K1, K2tog, K to end.
Repeat last row until 2 stitches remain.
Next row: K2tog.
Break yarn and thread through the remaining stitch. Weave in ends.


About the FearLess Charity

FearLess is a support charity for people dealing with domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking. You can read more about the work that they do on their website.

About International Women's Day

International Women's Day is an annual event on 8th March to celebrate women and highlight inequlity. You can read more about International Women's Day 2023 here.