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Pip Colourwork 4 ply

Baa Ram Ewe

Pip Colourwork 4 ply

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The rich tradition of stranded knitting in Shetland has always been admired and in recent years has grown in popularity but perhaps less well known is the history of Yorkshire colourwork, in particular that of the Knitters of the Dales. Designers and Yorkshire Knitting historians such as Penelope Hemingway, Ann Kingstone and Angharad Thomas celebrate this tradition in much of their work, and Baa Ram Ewe thought it was about time to get on board and create a dedicated Yorkshire colourwork yarn with British wool spun and dyed here in Yorkshire.

Pip Colourwork is a handy 25g size and knits to a standard 4 ply weight, with 126 yards on the ball. It has a beautiful handle: soft and squishy yet with enough grip to bind the shades together. We’ve got 16 shades to choose from and they all blend together beautifully.

And the name? Pip comes from the traditional Swaledale ‘Yan Tan Thethera’ method of sheep counting: Yan (one), Tan (Two), Tether (Three), Mether (Four) and Pip- the Fifth baa ram ewe yarn!

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